Serving those in need.

Through the grace of god,
we help our neighbors in the
Greater chapin area

Serving those in need.

May 19

A Whale of a … God

God is so much bigger – so much kinder – than we know. His grace is so much deeper. His love so much broader. Often, we feel like we are floating along, adrift, longing to feel the warmth of the breeze His movement. But the gentle winds don’t come and we feel stagnant in the […]

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May 16

Hanging In: We Care Director’s Notes

It’s tough to “hang in there.” Life is hard, and to keep holding on when the fierce winds blow can be quite trying. Our clients know this all too well. Often, dominoes of potential struggle arrange themselves around them in a circle, one precariously close to the next. When one falls, they all do. Case […]

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Mar 02

Director’s Notes – March

St. Patrick’s Day. We think of so many fun and celebratory traditions encircling this day, images of shamrocks and everything green. But the real story of Patrick reveals such deep and abiding truths. Profound truths. Kidnapped and imprisoned, Patrick had to find a way to hold onto a God he barely knew when his long […]

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Feb 11

Director’s Notes

“Walk in the way of love, just as Christ loved us” – Ephesians 5:1 Love is all around us. The world is painted red and pink, tokens of affection abundant and ready to be lavished on dear ones. Somehow in these handful of days, we are more alive to the steady beat of love in our hearts. Love […]

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Nov 16

Business Cares for We Care

The Business Cares for We Care annual food drive was a resounding success, with more than 2265 pounds of food, cleaning supplies and paper products collected on Saturday, November 14. Volunteers from Chapin area businesses, the Chamber of Commerce and dancers from the Chapin Middle School Dance Teams manned the entrances at the Chapin Food Lion and […]

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Oct 07

Welcome to our new website

We are excited to introduce our new website, which is simpler to navigate than ever. Not to mention, things look a little differently too. Whether you are looking for some assistance, wanting to help those in need, or simply want to learn more about who we are – our site makes it easy.  Wondering what we’re up to? Stay […]

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