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Getting our neighbors <br />back on their feet.

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Hanging In: We Care Director’s Notes

Chapin We Care - Monday, May 16, 2016

It’s tough to “hang in there.” Life is hard, and to keep holding on when the fierce winds blow can be quite trying.

Our clients know this all too well. Often, dominoes of potential struggle arrange themselves around them in a circle, one precariously close to the next. When one falls, they all do. Case in point: we had a precious client this week for whom the dominoes have fallen in a messy heap. He is 79 years old, and just in recent days has lost his bride after nursing her through severe illness for years. She had no insurance, and now her Social Security check is gone. His check and hers was all they had. It took $12,000 to bury her, and now he has nothing left. His electricity bill has stacked up to over $1,300 and will be cut off soon. Housing is a problem when living on half of your income overnight. He knew he would be in grief but is now surprised by instant and overwhelming poverty. 

How do we tell him to “hang in there?”

It isn’t easy. He came looking for help, and while we did what we can, there are limits on what one place can do for mountains of need this high. He received great attention, kindness and love. He was prayed over. He was wept over. He is now carried by those who had the honor of his presence, and we beg the Lord to meet his needs in all the ways we could not.

The need we see is completely overwhelming. There are not enough answers, not enough dollars, not enough capacity to meet it all. We know that. And yet, we give the hope we know in Christ. We have that in abundance and give it to all who enter our doors. We know that the Lord sees every need, and He is working His will and His way to meet them. We pray that every client leaves our doors knowing more of His great love.

Chapin is a very giving community. We see it all the time. Food comes when we need it. Every time. Right on time. And we could not be more grateful because it allows us the opportunity to minister to clients like this sweet grieving man this week. We have the divine privilege of being God’s hands and feet to a hurting world. We all have that honor through every interaction, every conversation, every touch with the wounded world.

May we move gently, tenderly and lovingly in His name, perhaps giving others even a little tighter grip as they hold on – as we hold on together.